Tuesday, January 17, 2012

imfamous boots (speak of the devil!)

Wondie checks out her new boots!  The infamous bad e-bay transaction finally came through!  After I escalated the case to a claim and left a negative feedback (I've never left a negative feedback before - it was my first time.  I tried to be really fair, but I didn't want anyone else to go through my experience.)  only THEN the seller actually contacted me with a tracking number.  They never refunded my shipping, but it was exciting to just get the item that I wanted to get in the first place.  Hated to have to be less than positive to get it, but oh well... every now and then, that's how it goes.

These boos are even chunkier than I thought they would be from the picture - they are just begging for some Lolita dresses!

I have an idea for a little Alice & Wonderland tableau that I would love to try... I know that everyone and their sister has dress their Blythe dolls up like Alice... but it's such a great theme!  I was looking at my Google+ friend's blog from the Tokyo doll show and I totally got inspired.  Check out these amazing pictures!

That project will involve a little bit of planning... before I get going on that, I have 4 dresses all cut out that I plan to sew up next weekend.  I was so busy this weekend and I was getting over a stomach flu that I cam down with last Wednesday evening... so I was extra tired out by all the busy-ness!  I'm really looking forward to relaxing a bit more next weekend!

Here's what I'll be stitching up:

A kawaii bambi fabric with white and polkadot accents... into this. Craftyline is really awesome for pdf patterns.  Just search "Blythe" and there are tons of stylish patterns in PDF.  They are usually under $5.00 per pattern.

This is going to be a rendition of the xoxoBlythe pattern adapted from vintage Skipper "All Spruced Up".  I'm using a 70s faux patchwork fabric that I got in a grab-bag of vintage small print scraps.  I have a ton of this fabric in doll-clothes terms, so I am using it as a test fabric to perfect this pattern.  I might add a red or black bow at the end too.

Also this Franken-dress from a sample bodice that I made for Charlotte's Christmas dress... the sleeves were all wrong, so I cut them out and re-cut the arm whole, added new fabric & this left-over ruffle in the infamous yellow-on-yellow stripe. 

And finally, another dress of my own design adaptation of a Vintage Skipper pattern, with this awesome vintage flower and insect print.  I adore the spiders... aren't they cool?  the pom pom will actually trim the arm holes, not the waist on this one...

That's my weekend next weekend... that and yoga.  Yay!

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