Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"windows to the soul"

Often when I change the color of Miss Charlotte's eyes, I get the New Order song, Temptation, in my head.  It's running through my head now as I post some pictures of Charlotte in her new glasses...
Oh, you've got green eyes...

Oh, you've got blue eyes...

Oh, you've got gray eyes...

And I've never seen anyone quite like you before...

 No, I've never met anyone quite like you before.

As I mentioned in my last post, I wasn't thrilled with Charlotte's blue and green front facing eyechips.  There's something about them that isn't as clear and bright as the lighter colored chips.  I think the quality of the clone eye chips is a bit lacking or maybe it's just that I prefer the lighter, more muted or unusual color of the side-facing chips.  Or maybe I just like the side-facing angle better in general.

(Charlotte is showing off the new button details on her collar.)

At first, I thought it wasn't a problem because I wanted to try customizing the eye chips with different styles/colors that suited Charlotte more. So, I was dismayed when I started doing a bit more research and discovered the Blybe/Basaak eye chips are virtually impossible to change out the way that regular Blythe chips are changed with a glue stick.  Some people use heated screws or drill them out with dremel tools, but that sounded really intense.  Not only is there a higher risk of breaking your dolly this way, but it's also sort of a traumatic action - even if it does work. I'm already bonding with Charlotte and wouldn't really want to drive hot screws through her pupils at this point... it would feel more to me like a voodoo curse that a cosmetic procedure.  I'm not even that hot on the cosmetic procedures yet.  I'm still in the 'spa day' realm of customization.

So, I have to either accept Charlotte's eyes as they are or figure out a less violent and risky way to change her eyes.

The glasses are a good start.  They suit her personality and I like the way her front facing eye chips look a lot better with her glasses on.  Less vacant and staring, more thoughtful and personal.

Another thing I've been thinking about is painting directly onto the eye chips to add some definition around the pupil, taking some tips from "how to draw anime eyes" tutorials.  Here you can see there is some shadowing, plus that bright white circle.  Before she got her glasses, I was thinking of painting with acrylic directly onto the eye chip to change them.

I also know that it's a no-no on Blythe dolls, but thought it might not be the end of the world to use sparkly nail polish to give her glittering eyes for the front facing chips.  I saw a Blybe customization on a BK thread, where the girl had sparkly purple eyes and it looked really cool.  Here's a OOAK eyechip that also shows that sparkly effect.  It's kind of low-brow, but I thought that painting a clear nail polish that had glitter suspended in it might create a similar effect that would spruce up her current chips. The Pucci Collective guide to paint & glue is pretty clear that nail polish is not a good idea anywhere on your doll, though.

The final thing I thought of doing to change Charlotte's eye chips would be to replace her entire eye mechanism with a Blythe one that would allow me to add new custom eyechips in more easily.  That's a ways off in the future of my plans.  For now, I may just buy her a couple more cute pairs of glasses!

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