Tuesday, March 20, 2012

so excited for Charlotte's hair makeover!

I started the hair makeover last night, after watching this tutorial.

I am repurposing this wig that I bought Charlotte and we both instantly hated as a wig.  Here is Wondie wearing it to dress up like Charlotte's sister...
You can see in this photo also that I've come up with a little trick for hiding Charlotte's high hairline by braiding a little piece of hair across it from under her part line.  This is a good trick, but with her thin hair... it is a little challenging to pull off... I wanted to make a better solution to her hair woes.

So, using the knot method of rerooting, last night I started snipping bits of the wig off and adding rows of hair between each of the rows in Charlotte's original scalp.  The new hair is very close to her original color, just a little more coppery and shiny... so it looks really nice as a subtle highlight.  Mostly it just makes her regular hair look fuller & that is exactly what I wanted.  I didn't want to change her or fake it... just to make her a more confident and beautiful version of her original personality & look.

Last night I washed & conditioned her hair before starting the project, with some Castille soap and some anti-frizz hair product.  Then I brushed it out.  It looked better already, but still really thin in a lot of places.  I'm about halfway finished with the project and it's going so well.  I've been snapping some pictures as I go along and will make a full blog post about the process. I am hoping to finish off with a fabric softener treatment & the Pucci Collective iron & wet towel trick... and once Charlotte's faceup and eye chip changes are finished, I will actually glue her scalp in place & maybe reset her hair with foam curlers.

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