Friday, April 27, 2012

Felt Applique

Long before I got into Blything, I got into felt applique collage when I was working at a preschool.  We did a lot of felt craft with the kids and while I was hanging out with them at project time, I started stitching together layers of felt to make patches... hearts, flowers, birds etc... (I sewed two raven appliques to the front of a hoodie before Portlandia came out & had the "put a bird on it & call it art" slogan.  Now my fiance calls that my "Portlandia sweatshirt".)

From there, I got into bigger & more complicated applique designs.  When I started crafting for my dolls, I was curious if I could translate the felt applique into a diminutive size the way I was able to with sewing and knitting.  Here is my first try.  The pattern is the sheath dress from Pucci Collective's pattern page. It was based on a large lotus that I made a couple years ago. Note: when you are sewing with felt, you don't need a seam allowance on the neck, arms, and back edges, but you do at the side seams.

This pattern lends itself really well to applique because it is flat and a larger individual piece than many Blythe patterns, so it gives you a bigger canvas.  This was a quick experiment... I blanket stitched the neck, arms, and back & stitched pom-pom trim to the hem.  Very springy!

This was really just a quick practice for my real creative idea with the felt... here you can see it, as the girls check out some new sundries I bought on Blythe Kingdom.
I'm going to make a matching one for Charlotte... but then I got a big pack of "mini-skeins" that I ordered from etsy & got side-tracked with knitting...

A few catch-up pictures... on the Vernal Equinox, which was purportedly the first day of spring, we had a big storm and the girls saw their first snow ever!
Wondie wasn't so sure about snow, but Charlotte thought it was pretty cool.  She is way more outdoorsy than Wondie.

Also, the girls got a vintage hutch that they can keep their shoes & other treasure in... here is a picture right after they got it... they are starting to get settled in on their bookshelf home...

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