Monday, December 3, 2012

catch-up... again!

So, I got married! This was a wonderful and bliss-filled event in my life... but it did result in me being quite busy and forgoing everything dolly-related for almost a couple of months... Here and there I knit a few stitches on a hat or redressed my girls and brushed their hair... but mostly, my sweet girls just languished while I attended to all things nuptial.

Since I arrived home from my honeymoon, though, I have been having a wonderful time reconnecting with my girls.  Mostly, I have been knitting hats for them and just hanging out with them... re-organizing their clothes and gearing up for some winter sewing projects.

I have been pining for a new dolly lately.  I really, really, really want a Nostalgic Pop or a Milky Way Sugar girl.  I love long dark brown hair without bangs.  I have been fantasizing about how some of my dress ideas would look on a brown haired girl. I almost even adopted a pre-loved Milky Way Sugar girl... but it didn't work out.  How dreamy they are... especially the translucent face of Miss Nostalgic Pop!
But then something happened - after I gave up on adopting MWS... my name came up on the Button Arcade commission list for two dresses. Woot! And Ott Lites went on sale 50% off at JoAnn's and I got one. So I sort of gave up on getting a new girl.

Bu then just tonight I revisited my poor Callie the mystery clone. She was going to be turned into a skully girl... but spray-painting her faceplate white went badly wrong.   I bought Montana Acrylic spray paint because I thought that Acrylic would be high quality, but I think it turned out to be too thick.  It clumped and behaved badly in a way that I haven't seen other spray paint behave. I was so upset when it happened back in the summer.  I started trying to scrap off some of the paint when it was still tacky and got some off of her face... then I started sanding with a fine sanding sponge, which sort of smoothed out some patches of paint, but didn't remove it.

Fast forward a few months until tonight.  I took to her faceplate with regular fine sand paper, which is like infinitely coarse for Blythe, but it took the paint off straight away!  Then I buffed her faceplate with a Hello Kitty emory board & back to the ultra-fine sanding sponge.  Now she is okay.  Still a bit scuffy - but I ordered three grades of Norton sanding sponges and I plan to get her back in shape & give her a regular face-up and search for a scalp for her... maybe even a dark brunette scalp.  She had a good eye-mech and some pretty eye chips already.  I need to get her a regular Blythe body - I don't like her Obitsu body because it is too big, though I love how those bodies are infinitely pose-able.

Callie will be my first and last ever attempt at customizing.  I really prefer stock Takara girls (or a Kenner, if ever I met one at a thrift store or some other fantastical situation!) to factory, fake, or clones... or even customized.  I just find the pure girls super-charming and appealing.  Maybe an eye-chip change or a teensy bang trim... but basically I just like them purely how they arrive NRFB.

Still, I am happy and excited to be able to work on Callie right now because it quells my yearning for another girl & breathes new life  in to a girl I thought was a goner.


  1. I'm a Blythe newbie and just recently found your blog...I have enjoyed reading about your Blythe adventures! I'm so glad to hear that you prefer the stock dolls; I think I do too (except for the pink and orange eye chips!) Congrats on fixing Callie, and BIG congrats on your marriage!!

  2. Nice to hear from you again.
    Congratulations on getting married!
    I'm glad you haven't given up on Callie. I'll be turning mine into a Black Blythe as soon as I find the spray paint color I need for that. I hear Krylon Fusion is good but they only have 2 shades of brown and neither are what I want.