Tuesday, July 31, 2012


All the painting and moving and cleaning and major work is done... and I finally had a chance to breathe and rest and finish my BK swap package & dismember dollies.

Well... one dolly, that is. Here is a clearer photo of my new mystery clone in her last few moments of being "stock". 

She has a look on her face like she knows something is up... and it was, indeed!

Everything was going along okay until I got to the top screw of the three and it seemed like it had been glued in or something.  I finally got it turning, but it didn't come out, so I realized, I'd just stripped the hole and it was going around and around w/o budging.  Then it just kind of came out. Well that was too good to me true... a tiny piece of her scalp flange actually broke and let it loose... but the screw is still stuck.  I think she will go back together okay w/o it, though.

Here's her scary face-up one last time before I sand matte her... the eyebrows are quite strange.

Pucci Collective saved me as I worked to get her eye mechanism out... I had to use my hands instead of a screwdriver with tape - I just had so much more control and knew exactly how much pressure I was applying, so I felt more comfortable... it took a long time and my fingers got really sore in the process.
Then I started sanding off the makeup to start fresh as a skully girl... almost done...
Comparison of different girls: ICY, Blythe RBL, and Basaak Clone... w/mystery clone faceplate...
All ready for a fresh start!

I also started taking out her eye chips because they were really dull - scratched on the outside and cloudy inside, with the black part of the pupil not very opaque. I think they just used a marker to black it and some weird white glue all over the back of the chips...
You can see from these pictures how dirty the are... but the good news about this funky glue - it's nothing like the funky Basaak glue!  The eye chips popped right out with the gluestick method & left no shards behind. Whew! 

This morning, I found an Obitsu body on BK and I think it will be perfect for her... (seller's photo)

It's taller than I would choose for Mesmer's replacement & I am loving having the clone's old body as a dress form... so I think this will be perfect... it's very boney and skeletony seeming to me & I have been wanting a posable body for one of my girls...  so it will be fun to test it out!


  1. I want a body neemo for my blythe too!!

  2. i just purchased this doll too and have found your posts very informative.
    did you ever finsh her?

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by! I am still working on her - I just got married, which took up a lot of my crafting and planning energy for the last few months, especially. I am looking forward to getting back to my dollies now! I will keep you posted as I work on her more!

  4. Hi, I've just purchased this same doll to customize but I have a HUGE problem with her eyechips... I cannot remove them with anything! I've tried with gluesticks, I've also used very hot water but nothing! So I wanted to ask you if you knew other methods to remove them (they're ugly, urgh!).
    Thank you very much! This is my first custom doll and I find your blog very helpful!