Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Plunge! (I took it!)

So the Brainworm package arrived this week!  Mesmer's new eye chippies are here!

I picked four with foils that I really liked... the foils are very cool - quite subtle and really make the chips unique.
 After much hemming and hawing, I actually decided to paint the pupil of the milky ones too.  Those were the first ones that I have changed out & I really love them.  Mesmer was such a brave trooper!  I am really proud of her. Of course we took some picks of the process...

As promised, the orange chippies were the first to go.  I used sticky notes instead of tape to hold her lashes out of the way - sliding the paper end under her lids and folding back the sticky part onto her forehead.  It seemed more gentle than scotch tape.  Then I bundled her up to make her as comfy as possible during the ordeal.

On the first try, only one chip came out and the other one stayed in... so we had to try that one again.

The second time, I let the glue get a little meltier - I was worried the first one was too melty, so I tried not to let the second one get too melty... but that was the one that didn't work first time around... so the second time, I let the glue stick get a wee bit meltier... and it worked!

Already looking better... then to put the eye chips in and rest. All the girls came to visit her to make sure she was okay.

She's doing very well, post-surgery... loving her new look & anticipating another go tomorrow.

And in black and white... my beautiful spooky girl's looking mesmerizing with her new milky eyes...

Coming soon... what have I been doing all month?  The Blythe Swap!  I will write about it and post pictures soon.

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