Friday, June 15, 2012

bye bye creepy eyes - hello Mesmer-eyes...

I took the plunge & ordered 5 pairs of eye chips and a set of foils today from brainworm.

I picked 4 ridged ones and 1 plain.

Ridged Milk, Light Grey, Toffee, and Steel Blue.
Plain Milky Grey

I wanted to order one extra set, just in case it turns out that I don't like one of them.  I also have a couple of plain BW in apple and olive green that might look cool with foils, if it turns out that the milky ones aren't suited to Miss Mesmer.

Since she "told" me her name was Mesmer -- the namesake of famous hypnotist Franz Anton Mesmer -- it seems like the milky eyes in light and dark for her front facing chips will be quite fitting. Her current front-facers are a little frightening.  I think this could be helped by gaze correction, but still they are a bit freaky & not exactly in a mesmerizing way.

 Once again, BK proved a wealth of information.  I found out that it is possible to change side-facing chips out without opening her head, if I am very careful.  I think the placement and the twist to remove them are a little trickier... but not impossible.

So, I am going to see how it goes with the front-facers first. I don't mind her blue and green ones as much, but I think they clash with her hair and I just think she would be gorgeous with grey ridged side-glancing eyes... I like the idea that when she is looking side to side, she a regular girl, but when you stare directly into her eyes as they look straight back at you... you will be mesmerized!

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