Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Watching Venus transit the Sun & more dreaming of James...

Cherry Kim has a wonderful time checking out Venus transiting the Sun this afternoon at sunset.  We got to see it too!  She loves science, math, and gadgetry of all kinds... so this was right up her alley.  She may cultivate her interest in astronomy.

After our eyes got tired of watching the sun, I checked out some NASA pics of the transit online and poked around.  A couple of the threads on BK got me thinking again about my custom girl who is on the way... the first was from someone who had customized her first stock girl and felt sad that she wasn't stock anymore. Another thread about top favorite girls & one person mentioned how she realized that she loved stock girls after she had bought some customs.  In both threads, the message was that you really never know until you try & it's not the end of the world if you figure out that you like something different than what you first thought you might like.  The fun is in learning! 

Me, I am definitely partial to stock girls... at first, I thought I would really want to sand matte and change out the chips on the girls I got - probably add sleep eyes and maybe decorate their lids... but once I got a real Blythe, I couldn't bear to change anything about her... and I knew that I really enjoyed that NFRB feeling... but I also thought that I would be happy to love an adopted girl who was customized before coming to live with me & in the interest of collecting and curiosit, I felt it would be an important addition to my dolly family some day.
There are some things about customs that I really admire in photos and would love to see first hand. I like the expressiveness of their eyes with gaze correction - especially if they can look up and to the side at the same time.  For some reason, that look always "gets" me in photos.

I also like the look of custom eye lashes and painted lids with sleep eyes.

And, while I don't really like thinking about NRFB dolls being bought to customize... I love the idea of a factory girl getting a newly glamorous customized life... so James is perfect for me!

I went back and looked up her description... here's what she's 'had done'... and some pictures of her, that her creator took.

base doll: factory girl
scalp:simply mango, not a factory look-a-like.
cool cat rbl dome
hair highlights: Sarah Tutone Titian and Sarah Barbie Champagne Blond
eye chips: Chips Brainworm R25 Lime and 3 special factory eye chips, Light blue, dark blue and hot pink.
new eyelashes
Spray-matting (MSC)
sleepy eyes
gazed correction
new pull rings

 Looking forward to her very much.  There was another Gentle River on BK Princesses Needing Rescue today and I didn't even feel my heart tearing out this time, because I was happy with my family that I have now and anticipating the arrival of my newest addition.

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