Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Mesmer...

I was looking at so many Peppermint pictures yesterday and I am getting really excited about changing Miss Mesmer's eye chips out... but also thinking that I am not that interested in much more customization until I totally botch her stock makeup... which hopefully won't happen for a good long time!

The little blush scratches don't show very much in photos... and I am okay with them when I am just playing with her.  I saw a thread on BK about blush troubles - someone had accidentally removed 1/2 the blush on one cheek of her Friendly Freckles girl by a bad reaction with the face-up & sunscreen on her hands.

In her photos, you could just see the smear where the blush came off.  She didn't want to totally sand her face or anything, so she used a Magic Eraser to remove all the blush on both cheeks - it changed the look a little, but it was also cute.

If the time comes that Annie Mesmer's blush is too scratched to live with... I will just do that, I think.  I know she is super shiny... but I don't mind.  I was looking at a bunch of Peppermints on Flicker yesterday and I actually was always drawn to the shiny ones a lot.

I love this girl, with her pretty grey eyes but still shiny.  (SP in glasses are adorkable, btw!) And this stock minty girl with her dark eyes just melts my heart!

I think am going to open her head and change out even the side-facing ones...  it will be a big step.  I haven't ever seen that you can change out the side-facing ones without opening a girl up.  I will figure it out, I guess.

But we had fun hanging out together yesterday - she got a new (to us) Plastic Fashion dress in the mail from BK sundries & she modeled the black smock... Then, while helping with some photos edits, she decided to move out of the safe-house and take up residence on my desk!

She's got some extra editing juju from her skully friend!

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