Wednesday, June 13, 2012

busy bee.

Here's my last dolly sewing picture.  This was last Thursday.  It's made entirely out of fabric and trims that I bought from Moofers on BK.  The fabric is really cute birdie fabric and I was inspired to try making a headband from this plum colored ric-rac style elastic trim.  I made a bow from the bird fabric and put a little of this woodsy embroidered ribbon around the center instead of another fabric piece.  I really like the way that it turned out and look forward to making some more headbands... especially with Lizzie Jane's fringe, I think it looks really cute.

Lately, I've actually been spending most of my creative energy on the non-dolly project that I agreed to do as a trade for Lizzie Jane and Cherry Kim.  I have to be sure to complete that before I go on another dolly sewing extravaganza.  Also, once I complete that project, I have to finish up my BK Swap for June... I have some awesome fabrics and got a couple cute things from etsy too... my swap partner has very cool descriptions in her "likes/dislikes" that gave me some great ideas - next weekend I will try to execute some of them... but no pics until July! 

I did make a little black smock for Annie Mesmer on Monday evening... mostly because I wanted to use up this black bobbin so I could put white thread on it. I really need to get more Janome bobbins for my hand-me-down machine.  She didn't come with all her goodies!

As for the dress, I still need to sew a snap on and take some photos.  I got the internet smock pattern that I couldn't get to print to scale pared down almost to fit... except the sleeves are weird.  It gives kind of a 60's boxy look to the whole thing... Annie can rock it, but it's not quite what I was going for... back to the cutting board.

When I was trying the smock on, I did a bad, bad thing.  I nicked Annie's blush with a pin.  She had another nick on her other cheek and I couldn't figure out how I'd done it before, but now I am suspecting it was in a try on like this.  she now has teensy nicks out of her blush on both cheeks. I was sick to my stomach when it happened - I had a pin in my hand and I was trying the dress on her, turned her around to lin it so I could figure out where to sew the snaps and in one moment gone wrong, I did it.

But I'm actually glad it happened now.

It's liberating.  Like the time that I got my first B my freshman year of high school in my math class and realized that I wasn't going to have a 4 point so I could relax.  I only got 2 more Bs the rest of high school and that was cool... but I knew other people who stressed to protect their 4 point and lost it junior of senior year... that was a lot more heart-breaking for them.

Weird analogy, but I just feel like the stress of trying to protect her is relaxed.  I am not 100% happy with her as a stock doll the way I am with Lizzie Jane.  She begs to be a little different than she was created as... but I was too scared before.

Now that she is "imperfect", I am starting to daydream about some light customizing that might bring her personality out.  I think she would look beautiful with some really dark brown/black hand-painted chips and some spooky milky ones too.  She is also really shiny.  I sanded Char-Char to really great effect, but I was scared to sand her, even though I wasn't sure about her shine.

Right after it happened, I hugged her and gave her a kiss on her super-shiny stock forehead and I felt like she was saying... it's okay.  I am free now to become who I am meant to be.  Lizzie Jane is perfect out of the box.  I wouldn't change a hair on her head... but Annie is waiting to become something more.

It's been so fun to start looking at Peppermint customs & day dream about what I want for Annie. There is one adorable Frankie Darling custom Peppermint on BK named Harlow who I adore!  She has a bob with fringe & I don't think that suits Annie at all... but she shows the potential of the Peppermint to be customized. There are some others that amaze me too...

Trixie - she's a dream.  Not what Annie will be at all... but so shows the amazing potential for Peppermints to reveal their inner personality. I am amazed at the little things you learn in this hobby...

I love all the Peppermint girls with pale green and blue lids... it looks beautiful when they are the same color as their hair, but also when they are a bit different - either a bit more green, yellow, or blue... or darker.  I wish I could post a bunch of flickr pics from other girls, but I am not sure if that is considered bad etiquette - that is why I just put links to Harlow and Trixie.

Then again, I really like the beautiful simplicity of this girl's face-up too.

And warmer, peachier blush too.

So many possibilities!
I am in no rush... I plan to play with her for a good long time and enjoy not having to feel so terrified of her getting scruffed or scratched.  I will let her speak to me slowly to know exactly how she wants to be made over...

I think I will start with the eye chips that I've gotten the strong impression on and then wait for the next gut feeling to decide what's next after that.  I think she will be dazzling with some moody and spooky eyes... she's such a sweet little spook.

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