Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dreaming of James & swaps...

One more month and she sets sail from Portugal to America!

I was just looking at her pictures again... remembering what I like about her and also  trying to get a sense of what she will like to wear to make something for her.  She's a little different than I remembered from the last time that I looked at her set... of course, I remembered her scalp and colors and everything... but it's like her expression has changed ever so slightly... I had made up things about her in my head that may not be exactly how her personality is... so I have to be patient and wait to meet her in real life!

Last night I finally got a chance to sew on my newly tuned up machine.  It sews like a dream now... I made two cute matching dresses for Annie and Lizzie to wear in honor of the Diamond Jubilee and snapped some cute pics of them... but I am not sharing right now because I will probably use some of the same fabric in my BK swap.

Thankfully, the British theme prevailed in a tight race, till the end... so I get to use all the cute stuff I planned after all!  Yay! I am dying for my swap partner assignment in order to find out what they like so I can make things to their taste & put together a great package for my very first BK swap.

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