Tuesday, May 29, 2012

dolly mail is the best mail...

I came home to a wonderful sight of not one or two packages, but three wonderful treats!  I had to bring Charlotte and Lizzie Jane out to help me carry them in!

It was actually Lizzie's first time outside... and she had a fun time exploring the garden!

Mostly everything in these big boxes was furniture!  Since I had only one chair and a growing family of girls, I turned to the 'bay to make my bookshelves more lounge-worthy for the girls...
We had one burgundy arm chair and the hutch from the top shelf already, but we added another matching arm chair and loveseat, two dining chairs, a coordinating hutch for the downstairs shelf... and a wardrobe that turned out to be a lot more ginormous than we imagined from ebay!  Annie Mesmer claimed it for her own, but she isn't sure yet if she wants to use it as a closet or move in!
Charlotte claimed dibs on the couch because she is the only one with sleep eyes who could really enjoy it!
We're thinking the bed that matches that spacious wardrobe will go to the new girl, James, who is on her way for my birthday present this July!  She has beautiful custom painted sunny yellow lids and will look very sweet tucked in for a good night's rest... now I have to make her a quilt!

The third package is a surprise, for the time being... I hope I can use it for the BK swap.  If there is the slimmest chance that anyone from BK is reading my humble blog... I urge you to vote for "Cool Britainnia" as the theme for the June swap... because I bought three of the coolest print fabrics ever for this theme and would SO love to make someone delightful swap goodies with a British Theme!

(Was that shameless?!  Oh well.  Seriously, the fabrics are to die for.  I promise!)

In other news, I am expecting my sewing machine back from the shop tomorrow or Thursday, all freshly tuned and sewing marvelously. I am so looking forward to its homecoming.

I have cut out 6 dresses and a blouse to sew when it is returned to me.  Also have visions of two more cute dresses to cute soon.

That's about all for now in dolly world.

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