Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Charlotte gets a bob!

I have been thinking of giving Charlotte a bob for a long time, but I didn't have the courage to do it until tonight.  I am in love with her new look!  It's still a bit wet so it is kind of choppy and I didn't want to even it out any more until I could see what it looked like dry... since I know hair with a little curl in it tends to get shorter as it dries... and she does have a touch of curl.

When I did her first coif makeover with the additional rooting to thicken her hair, I washed her original hair in hot water and combed it out, with took most of the curl out - it also revealed how the ends of her hair were really rough and frizzy.  I treated her hair, added the new hair, did the Pucci collective ironing trick... overall it was a vast improvement, but the ends were still rough.  The bob is not only an adorable style that I admire on numerous dollies, it's also a solution to the frizz - now there are no more frizzy end bits... all her hair is sleek and shiny.  She just looks darling and I think the cut really suits her.  I am so happy.

In other news... I bought a custom doll today on layaway at Blythe Kingdom.  It was an impulse buy of sorts. Impulsive in the moment - but something I had been considering for a couple days.

I really don't need any more dollies... but I've often thought that I would like to have a custom someday and I have always adored Simply Mango's coloring. I think her coloring would lend itself really well to a kawaii style wardrobe - super bright colors, fun prints, and extravagant styles.  For my first stock girl, I couldn't stop dreaming of Simply Peppermint and I decided that I would rather spend just a little more than Mango to get her.  I'm quite happy I did - I love her as a stock girl and I realized that I would never be able to customize a girl I bought NRFB.  

I do like the look of many customs, though - so I have daydreamed that one day I might get one on Blythe Kingdom... mostly the ones I like are way out of my price range, but I always love to look at the "Princesses Needing Rescue" just because I love the photographs of all the beautiful girls... 

So I was on BK & I saw this really cool custom factory girl with a Mango scalp a little while ago.  Her customizations really seemed to fit with my idea of a kawaii girl. Her price was really fair, but still too much for me. Then she was reduced & there was a layaway option and I started thinking about her... imagining adopting her.  Still I thought it was maybe not a good idea. Yet, at the same time, I couldn't stop thinking about her & checking on her. The last time I checked her, she was reduced again! It was the kind of deal that I really hadn't seen & I wasn't put off by her little imperfections in the slightest.  I love the color of her eye chips & the beautiful highlights/lowlights in her hair, her faceup is bold and fun - with shiny lemon yellow eyelids and blue eyelashes!  She has fantastic details... I just love her. And she has a fun, spunky name - James.  

Can you tell that I love her already?!  So yes. Her creator agreed to the terms of the adoption & I started the layaway today. She will be ready for my birthday present in July! I am really happy.  I think she will totally complete my collection because she has the Mango scalp I like and she is a more extreme custom.  Unless I found a Goodwill Kenner or a Gentle River for a steal on BK, I pretty much have (or will soon have) all the girls I want... and I know that I want a family that is not too big, so I can really spend time with all my dolls and get to know each one of them. I am very happy about the new additions to my family and the way I'm bonding with Charlotte and Annie Mesmer as they each come into their own personalities!

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