Friday, May 11, 2012

i may have a little BK closet clean-out...

I've been thinking of having a wee closet clean-out on BK.  I have a few sundries that I bought that my girls haven't bonded with, 3 sets of eye chips - including one beautiful handpainted set, some fabric, some hair accessories, some petite-sized furniture, some clothes that I've made, and lastly... some oddly appealing vintage/retro Barbie stuff that fits Blythe. 

The vintage/retro stuff is part of a big jumble of stuff that I bought as a grab-bag at this local vintage store.  Some of the things in the grab-bag are great - especially a pair of vintage squishy white boots that Char-Char wears often. Some of it fits Blythe well & some of it would need some creative styling or alteration.

Annie Mesmer (who the reluctant oracle explained was most definitely NOT named after Annie Bessant, but rather a diminutive form of Anton) was a model for the strange & fun retro stuff.  She's actually a fantastic model... so long as she doesn't actually have to wear any of the clothes after the shoot.  I was wondering if my new girl (who the reluctant oracle has dubbed "Little Kim") might like the track clothes... but I think it would be good to start fresh for her.

Here are some highlights from the impromptu retro shoot.

Annie Mesmer really seemed to enjoy modelling - even in clothes that she would never wear herself... I think that she's quite a shy and introspective girl, but she has a talent for magic in front of a camera!

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