Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Charlotte's Day Out... a hat for spring...

The same weekend that Mesmer got her new look - Charlotte borrowed a dress that I'd originally made for the Simply Peppermint formerly known as Wondie... to take some picks with a new hat that I made for her.

This was my first Blythe-sized hat project & it turned out well.  It's a free beret pattern from Ravelry.

I ordered a jumble of mini-skeins on Etsy and these were three different yarns included.  Turns out that in Blythe world... a hat takes over twice as much yarn as a sweater... something that is logical when you consider the proportions... but not immediately intuitive to my instincts honed by years of human-sized knitting.

Here's a close-up... you can sort of see the way the colors are blended into each other... but there is also a subtle sparkle in the solid colored peach yarn that is lost-in-translation in the photos.
At any rate, Charlotte loves it and it suits her very well.  We've struck on a thread in her personality that she really likes... a very outdoorsy sort of girl.  It's actually also a touch of mori too.. but the more woodland side of it.

I've been on Tokyo Fashion exploring the style trend of mori lately and I really like the different aspects of it, as suited to Blythe style. I ordered some cool trims from BK that I would like to use to make more woodland Eastern-European style dresses for Charlotte. Sort of like this inspiration...

I'm also inspired by the Gentle River and Vinter Arden stock styles... GR for the more woodland style and VA for the more neutral mori girl... I have a bunch of gorgeous vintage lace trims that I want to incorporate into dresses too.

Finally, I am also finding myself really inspired by Satomi Fujii's amazing work that I've been seeing on Google+ and at

I just finished a huge event last weekend and now I will have time to enjoy making somethings for my girls... as well as doing a project that will result in some new girls joining our family! 

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