Thursday, May 17, 2012

A New Neighbor: Icy Liberation arrives!

She's here!  Just lifting her box out of the mailer... you could tell she was very cool!
 Her stock is amazingly detailed and really quirky! I carefully started to unpack all the bits and pieces...
 This was the bit that I was most excited and curious about!  She comes with a gun!  It's in a holster that straps to her belt and you can even cock it! (I think it's an automatic!)
 It was hard work getting out the box!  We take her coat off to unwind her pull string.  Nice to get some fresh air.
 Charlotte and Annie Mesmer say hi & Charlotte brings her old pull ring over because this "Angela" one is just silly for Little Kim. 
 Annie Mesmer really likes Little Kim's hat & hopes she might get a chance to borrow it one of these days!
 Little Kim moves in downstairs from Charlotte and Annie Mesmer, in the American History section to get acclimated with her new country.  She is relieved to find out about "The Communistic Societies of the United States". 
 Little Miss Revlon (from 1958) also moves downstairs.  She had been living in Charlotte and Annie's closet before... but even though it's more spacious downstairs, she isn't too sure about her new neighbor. Little Kim isn't sure about her either.
 But then they get to talking and they both have a lot to teach the other...
 Miss Wonder Mynte is just happy to have some new digs... she & Little Kim get along very well... and they noticed they both have a penchant for stars!
 Here they are, settling in after all the excitement... Little Kim is going to be pretty happy in Eugene.  Even happier once I make her a little red book!

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