Thursday, May 10, 2012


She's hit US soil... and she is now making the last leg of her journey from West Hollywood to the hills of Oregon... my new Icy Liberation dolly!

My friend is sending her my way & I should be introducing her to Charlotte and Annie Mesmer quite soon.

She is going to be fun to get to know.  I think she is a tomboy and I have never made dolly-sized pants... so I decided to buy some Moshi Moshi linen shorts in black and grey that were for sale on BK and also some black cigarette pants from PistachioLibby on etsy.  (Aren't those Moshi Moshi tops adorable too - they were sold so I didn't get a chance at them, but I think they would look adorable on a tom boyish dolly!)

I have been scoping out jeans too... but the ones I want are a little pricy, so I am going to wait to get to know her before I buy them.  I think the shorts and black pants would work with Miss Mesmer, if this girl doesn't like them.

I'm so curious about names.  Brainstorming... but I definitely have to consult the reluctant oracle on this one.  He's actually a teensy bit curious about her because she comes with a gun! :D

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