Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swap fever & Exciting Mail...

I just finished up some projects for this month's swap and I am really excited about them.  I have a bit more sewing to do before I send my package out for this month.  I love the swaps!

One of the funny things about them, though, is that I have to keep the projects I'm working on under wraps until my swap partner gets them... and since life has been crazy busy lately... that's most of what I have been working on.

So I decided to share what I sent last month... I think it might become a little ritual to share the previous month, as I gear up to send the next month's package!

The theme was Cool Britainnia last month, here's what I sent to my partner...

My partner, moondoxy, had awesome "likes" that gave me some very fun ideas - this dress was inspired by the Crown Jewels and the Tudor Ravens.  The necklace, I bought on etsy.

This one was inspired by Druids, Wuthering Heights, and my ongoing love of smocks.  Mesmer wants one for herself when I get a chance! (in black, of course.) :)

To go with it, I also put together this little necklace with a miniature pendant I found on etsy & a bit of chain.  I would love to experiment more with making Blythe necklaces! It was a lot of fun, but I need to perfect the chain a bit more.

And the last thing I made was this London-themed dress...
The fabric is "Makower Fabrics - UK"  They had a whole bunch of fabulous prints just in time for the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics.  The crown fabric is also Makower.

I made matching dresses for Mesmer and Lizzie Jane to practice what I wanted to do with the crown fabric.  Lizzie Jane didn't really like hers... but it made for a cute photo.

And then I added a bunch of black tulle around the hem and collar and turned it into another dress for Mesmer... though the black crown dress is now one of her very favorites... she does like both.

And... my kooky mystery clone arrived in the mail yesterday.  She was registered mail, so she must be signed for & the post office had already closed once I got home to get the package slip... so I haven't met her yet... but tonight I will!  I am looking forward to seeing one of these mystery girls in person and planning a more ambitious customization project.

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