Tuesday, July 24, 2012

always one step behind... belated welcome to James St. James

When she arrived - all the girls came our to welcome her... she looked a little stunned at first! Lizzie Jane lent her a dress so she wouldn't have to be shy. :)

Still not so sure... but Char-Char and Mesmer are trying to make her feel at home - they recommend a little trip outside.

That's better!  She starts to feel at home and what a pretty girl she is! The camera loves her custom details.

She is such a pretty girl and we are all happy to have her join the family... especially Charlotte! Once her new Simply Guava scalp showed up the day after James did... they were like long-lost sisters reunited! <3

I wasn't sure if the pink would suit her - but i think it's perfect - especially with James.  It matches her lips exactly!

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