Friday, January 27, 2012

behind the times...

So the dreamt-of sewing weekend with my dear one turned out to be a busy yoga & family obligations weekend instead.  No little dresses were constructed. *le sigh*

Last night, though... I got to make two of the four dresses I had cut out.  I am excited to get them finished because I got all the fun fabrics & trims in the mail that I had ordered and I'm dying to experiment with them too.

Last night was vintage night. First Charlotte got the xoxoBlythe version of All Spruced Up.

It's a fun pattern, but I still want to experiment with the collar. Since it is unlined, it doesn't finish as neatly as sandwiching a collar between the front and the lining.  I was a little unhappy with the finishing of the neck between the two pieces of the collar in the front.  I tacked it down by hand & and sewed a pretty red vintage button over the top so I do like the look of it now.  The faux patchwork vintage fabric was fin to work with and I have a ton, so I imagine that we'll see more experiments out of it!

And then Wondie had to get a new dress too, so everything would be fair!  She has a vintage print, I call: "entomologie".  I made it an empire & cut the skirt a bit longer to include both the lady bug and the spider in the front... I don't like the long dresses as much as somewhere between knee & calf... but it was a good learning experience and I think the right shoes and accessories would spruce it up a bit more.  We have to order Wondie some of those classic chunky plastic Mary Janes... I tried these pink ballet shoes that came with Charlotte... OK but not perfect... still I think this dress would look cute for an outdoor shoot... one of these days in the Spring when it's dry and light after work... the girls are looking forward to getting outside for an adventure!

I can imagine she'd be cute with some stompy shoes (though the silver boots weren't quite right), sunglasses, a straw hat, and a butterfly net or magnifying glass...  but right now, I think Wondie looks a little pouty because she wants new shoes and a cuter dress.

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