Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wonder Mynte is here!

Here she is!  My sweet new girl - my first Blythe!  She is a Simply Peppermint stock girl who came NRFB. I ordered her on ebay from the seller "rareak" based in Hong Kong.  I *highly* recommend this seller!  He had great communication at every step of the process and she arrived 13 days earlier than the earliest estimated shipping arrival. She was in perfect condition.  She likes the pastel Lolita set I made!

{Side note: I started to get nervous about ordering my dolly because I have heard some nightmares about dolls not arriving as described or being fakes. The seller with the best deal for Simply Peppermint when I was looking showed up on Bad Dolly Deals (thank goodness I checked!) & I also am in the middle of a bad experience with a sundries sale with another Hong Kong seller "kingkong_1117".  The shoes I ordered from this seller took ages to arrive & when the package arrived, I discovered the seller sent something totally different, not even doll-related - they've been so difficult to communicate with that I had to file a case on them, much to my chagrin.}

So back to the good stuff!  She's awesome and she's having lots of fun getting to know Charlotte too.  Here's Charlotte dressing up as part of the Mynte family thanks to the wig cap from Pandora on BK, while Wondie is sporting the vintage Penny Brite dress I just got in the mail.
Here they are modeling their matching vintage Skipper party dresses, that still need some restoration from me.
And a picture of the whole family: Miss Charlotte Velvet, Miss Wonder Mynte, and Little Miss Minnie Mynte.

Charlotte's not the only one who can dress up like one of the family... here's Wondie, dressing up like part of the Velvet family.

 They're having so much fun together.  At first, I thought they would be sisters, but they are really just BFFs who like to dress up like sisters from time to time. 

And finally, this is from last week when my camera died mid-click... Bathing beauty Charlotte, modelling her vintage Skipper swimsuit.  I have a matching one for Wondie, as well... but the girls didn't feel like wiggling into swimsuits at last night's photoshoot.


  1. Congrats on your first doll!! I just got my first last month and have been having a blast. :)

  2. thanks so much! it's a lot of fun & my family just keeps growing! :D