Sunday, January 29, 2012

style breakthrough!

So I've been bonding with Charlotte's sense of style for a while now, but haven't quite perfected my understanding of Wondie's style... so far, I've found she feels happiest in vintage doll clothes, handknit sweaters, and those big stompy silver boots.  I haven't gotten a good sense of the type of dress she likes and what suits her... until Friday night - I had a style breakthrough with this awesome pattern I bought from Crafty Line Blog.

 It's just perfect on her - it suits her well, fits like a dream & it was both fun and challenging to make.  I will enjoy making this style again and also to collecting more patterns from this site.  They are complex and unique... great fun to make and perfect for playing dress-up.

I have to make Charlotte a matching dress with the same Bambi print in a black colorway & black/white polka dot trim.   Won't they be adorable together?!

I made Charlotte a dress on Friday night too... of my own pattern creation, modified from a vintage Skipper pattern.  I was pretty pleased with this pattern before, since I cut more shaping into the arm and created a more fitted, structured look than the original pattern.  Yet, the new pattern I bought is worlds' better. The main difference on Wondie's dress is the bust darts... that little bit of extra shaping makes the whole dress look more polished.  I really like the look of it and I am excited to experiment with more shaped and fitted dresses.

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