Friday, January 6, 2012

wigging out.

So I mentioned that I had ordered a couple of coolcat wigs with bangs for Miss Charlotte, since she has that high forehead thing going on with her natural hair.  One is long brown waves and the other a sleek lilac bob (With the lilac, I sort of thought she'd have fun coordinating with our Simply Peppermint sister, who is on the way from Hong Kong).

The wigs arrived on Wednesday & they aren't exactly what I imagined.  Don't get me wrong, the wigs themselves are great - very well-made & exactly as they looked in the photos... but Charlotte was not very happy to have wigs on at all.  Part of it was my fault. I thought that the wigs came with caps, but they actually came with nets to protect the wigs when they are not in use... so I was trying to make due without - that made it hard to keep her regular hair from poking out here and there and it was sort of traumatic trying to fit them on.

But also, one is just not her style at all.  The brown one is very long and I feel like poor Char-Char just gets lost amidst all this hair.  I've gotten to know her a bit since I got her & I just feel like the super-long hair is not her thing.  The fantasy color cream/lilac bob is much better, but still hard without a wig cap.  I can tell Charlotte feels like she's dressing up for fun in the lilac one & it looks especially adorable with her glasses - kind of a Velma-style efffect.

Fortunately, I arranged an awesome trade with Pandora on BK, so I get to make her a kawaii dress this weekend in trade for a wig cap...  so it will be easier for Charlotte to wear the lilac bob when she's feeling frivolous.  I'm so excited about the trade!  BK is such a sweet forum, and amazing resource, and the people are great... it will be really fun to make a dress for another Blyther and her girls & I'm really glad I won't have to wait another month for international shipping to get a cap that will make the wig easier. 

I think we will keep the lilac one and see if we can find the brown one a new home through BK.  Some girls look adorable with luxurious locks falling all around, but Charlotte is more of a bobbed or shoulder-length kinda girl & she doesn't really like bangs... even if they hide her forehead.

The more time I spend with her and play with her, the more I feel like Charlotte has a strong personality that just naturally comes through. Her quirks and imperfections are part of who she is, just as much as her strengths.  Trying to change or fix her too dramatically or too quickly to make her into something she's not just doesn't work.

It's kind of a cool lesson about life too - finding the lovable qualities about a dolly as she is are and also helping the dolly gradually become more beautiful and individual... it's like practice for doing the same for people.

I recently read a story on Dollybird blog about the restoration of an sweet girl named Poe, who had been through a lot of haircuts, until she was very sad & was on the verge of becoming spare parts. Dollybird rescued her and made her beautiful again.  I loved seeing how she thought of different colors & styles of hair and finally helped Poe shine. 

It takes time, experimentation, and sometimes making mistakes to see the best in everyone, dolly or human. Charlotte's so patient with me as I figure it out with her... she's teaching me how to be a little more patient with myself and others too.

This weekend, if it doesn't rain, we're hoping to get outside and do a little adventure photoshoot in natural light.  Till then, here's a picture of her latest outfit - a vintage Skipper dress & coat.  It even came with a little Skipper-sized hat that we pinned on her like a fascinator head piece.  These are tried on fresh out of the packing... they were well-loved and played with back in the day, so they need some TLC around the seams and linings... nothing I can't do, though!  There was also a second identical red velvet and white satin party dress and two matching red and white swimsuits, so she and Miss Minty Wonder Mynte can dress up in matching outfits!

Happy Friday!

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