Monday, January 9, 2012

far away, so close.

I had a big surprise last Friday evening when I got home from work.  I was expecting a few sundries that I'd bought on ebay and BK, but there was a big box behind my door that could only be one thing... my Simply Peppermint!

She wasn't supposed to arrive until the 19th, at the earliest... or even as late as the 30th.  But she came on the 6th. Wow!  I was totally unprepared.  I left my camera battery charger at my studio and didn't have it that weekend & my camera had run out of batteries the night before when I was playing with trying to take some pictures of Charlotte's new vintage Skipper swimsuit.  (Then I stopped by the studio on Sunday, but I forgot to grab it!  Yikes!) 

Plus, I had planned to make some more clothes for Wonder before she arrived, but since she was early, I didn't get that done.  She doesn't have much of anything to wear that matches her coloring and belongs just to her. 

I was worried that Charlotte might not want to share her clothes and shoes that she has gotten used to, but she seems less worried about it than I am - the girls were kind of shy at first... but they seem to be getting on well.  They really look cute sitting together, watching me while I sew.  I think Charlotte likes having a friend to hang out with besides me.
This weekend, I had to make a dress for a trade on BK, so instead of getting her own clothes, Wonder (who seems to be preferring the nickname of Wondie, incidentally) was my model & that meant getting to wear this super-cozy vintage Skipper robe that I just got as a dressing gown between try-ons.

Here's the little etsy picture of said robe, since my camera is out of commission.  I've got a ton of catching up to do because lots of vintage clothes arrived on the same day as Wondie.  A set of vintage Barbie & Skipper underthings, including some black tap pants, a Skipper Underpretties slip with the bottom layer of lace cut off, and 4 pairs of hand-made under things for a fashion doll.  On Blythe shaped bodies, they are adorable bloomers under Lolita style dresses or good for summer pajama bottoms.  They need to be taken in a little at the waist to be perfect, but they're really cute even as they are. Once again, here's the etsy pic:
I also got a red and white Penny Brite dress that is popular with a lot of Blythe folks.  Mab Graves has a super-adorable picture of one on her etsy shop page.  I love her stuff so much.  I have one of her hair bows.  It was the first thing I bought for Charlotte when I knew she was on her way.  The packaging that it came in and all the extra little treasures were amazing!  I highly recommend ordering from her - you will not be disappointed!  I want to order some more bows from her & maybe even a dolly necklace one of these days. But in the meantime, I managed to find an auction for the same style dress on ebay that didn't arrive in nearly such exquisite packaging, but was a steal price-wise.

One more thing - ever since I blogged about Charlotte's hair, I've been thinking that her hair actually looks pretty good after all!  I think I'd like to try to wash it one of these days and do something for Wondie because her hair is super static since I unpacked her... but it's so funny that I made peace with Charlotte's hair and then it started to look prettier to me! 

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